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Hey guys! I hope you had a good weekend! Since cold weather is coming up I am constantly looking for good scrubs! Body scrubs that is. I haven’t tried too many Tree Hut products but last year I found an amazing scrub! I really liked it so I picked up this Tree Hut Oatmeal one! I thought it was going to be amazing. First off I’m not crazy about coconut nor lime so that was a thumbs down for me. I didn’t feel like it did anything. I have very very dry skin in the colder months so a exfoliate more. I felt more like a lotion than anything else. I go for more I guess rougher exfoliates like this one from them! I do like how it is in a bottle and has a flip cap so water doesn’t get into it. This isn’t my favorite scrub but I will continue to try more! Have you tried this one?

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What is your favorite Tree Hut products!?


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Hey y’all! Today’s review is all about LipSense! I’ve heard of this product before and was a bit skeptical to be completely honest. I thought of it as being gimmicky. I have always kinda wanted to try it. So when Anna from Anna’s Lovely Lipstick Ladies approached me asking if I would be willing to try it out. I said yes why not? What do I have to lose? Me an my family when to a buffet for dinner one night. I watched the video she sent me on how to apply it.

How to apply Lipsense


  •  Start with clean dry lips
  • Shake tube before application
  • With lips parted, apply in a sweeping motion across each lip without lifting applicator
  • Let dry between each coat (5 sec.)
  • Apply at least 3 layers of one or more colors to achieve long lasting results
  • Keep your lips parted until color is fully dry (about 10 sec.)
  • Top with your favorite gloss reapply gloss as needed throughout the day

The video I watched

I thought it would be hard to apply because I have never used anything like this before. The only hard part about the application process is keeping your lips apart!! That was the hardest thing ever lol. I did find that it dried fairly quick. The only major gripe I have is that it’s sticky so your lips kinda stick together. The corners of my mouth kept sticking together. The formula was very thin and sheer hence why you have to apply 3 layers. The color I received was Aussie Rose which I believe is a very popular color. The color was pretty but I wasn’t the biggest fan of the shade on me personally because I normally don’t wear those colors. Plus I have no lips so it always looks like I took a crayon to my mouth (insert clown pic here). Before we left I took a sip of water to see it there was any transfer on the glass nope nothing! Now I think you have to put the gloss on is to help seal in the color. Well it worked! I did the hand test and even ran my finger across my lips nothing! So after we were done with dinner I looked in the mirror now i saw it was starting to looked a little little crumbly. Besides that it wore pretty well! I didn’t find it to be uncomfortable to wear or very drying! I wore it for about 5 hours. I did use the color remover and it came off fairly easy! I think it worked pretty good! The pros are that it might be time consuming if you need to get out the door and that it’s a bit on the sticky side. This would be great if you are going to a event because it’s long lasting!


Thank you Anna! Have you tried Lipsense?

**Disclaimer I was sent this product to review my honest opinions are 100% my own!*



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Good morning everyone! I was going through my entire skincare bin the other day. As I was I realized that I have a lot of it! Some things needed to be tossed or passed on but before I do I thought I would share my collection! I know it may not be a lot compared to tons of other people but for me it is! Some things I just got and some thing I have had. All in all I’m trying simplify my skincare routine. So grab some coffee or tea and snacks!

These Neutrogena makeup wipes are one of my holy grail wipes! They get everything off! I have bought them over and over again! I use this UP&UP (Target brand) moisturizer a lot under makeup because it’s light. Also it gives just enough moisture where it’s not heavy. Ya’ll already know I love the Simple Face Wash! This is my go face wash mostly in the winter because I have very dry skin! It hydrates my skin and it’s made for sensitive skin see my full review here. I’m not a big fan of the Freeman Peel Off Mask I feel like it doesn’t do anything and it’s a pain to get off! Not worth the work but pretty affordable. If your looking for a super affordable face wash that works pretty well then check out the Elf Face Wash! It leaves my face feeling clean and can we talk about the packaging see my review here. I had this sample of Andalou face moisturizer in a Target Beauty box awhile back and I love it! For one it smells great because it has rose ingredients in it. I don’t find the smell is over powering and it’s light weight! I wear it under makeup a lot. I may have to buy a full size!! If you have seen my recent haul you would know that I picked up these Biore`Pore Strips. They work okay I haven’t seen a huge difference but they do alright removing my blackheads I’m still testing them out. They only gripe I have is they are pricey for the amount you get. I have been loving this Dr. Brandt Exfoliator that I got in a Fabfitfun box. When I have a lot of dry patches I breakout this bad boy and it gets the job done! Now a warning it is super expensive I recommend waiting till you have a gift card or put it on your wishlist for Christmas. It dose make my skin nice and smooth! For lazy late nights when I get home I love using the Simple Micellar Water to get off my makeup. I soak a cotton round and wipe off my face hahaha! It really help with eye makeup too! Also your kinda cleaning your face too! I also really like these Elf makeup wipes which I did a review on. I have been liking this Pixi Toner. I like multipurpose products for when I want to shorten my skincare routine . This one gives leaves my skin a little bit glowy.  I use this Pond’s moisturizer at night because it’s thicker and takes longer to sink in. It dose not help with my fine lines though. I picked up the Mario Badescu Facial Spray and drying lotion. Both of these are new to me so I’m still trying this out. The spray feels refreshing and gives me that quick hydration. I haven’t used it to set my makeup yet. I have tried the lotion and haven’t seen much results but I am still testing it out. Another great exfoliater is the Gariner one. This is a good to one because well for one it smells good two it also helps get rid of dry flakes! I did a review on this one as well. I have been try this Elf Melt Cleanser out and so fair I’m really impressed it helps melt my makeup off too! I have been trying to expand my skincare and get betting about taking care of my skin. So I pulled out this Skin Laundry Serum that I received in a subscription box. Now I’m not sure if I really dose anything but I guess time will tell! Hahaha! I do use this as a extra  layer of moisture. This O.G.R Mineral Peel has become a holy grail of mine! It’s literally magic in a bottle!! You spray it all over your face then massage the product and the dead skin comes off! I don’t use this Gariner face wash that much because I don’t suffer from oily skin as much as I do dryness. I’ll use it more in the summer time. I found it dose help oil in my T zone. This brush  (similar) is great it’s so cheap and travel friendly!

Well ya’ll that’s my skincare collection and mini reviews! I hope you enjoyed it! Do you use any of these products? What are your go to products?


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Hey guys! I hope you had a good weekend! So you heard me praising my now holy grail CoverGirl Lashblast mascara! Why? It’s just another mascara woo hoo. Before I get into this review let me tell you a short story. I found this magical mascara okay maybe a little bit dramatic I know lol. Anyway I loved that mascara now note that I have barely any lashes ok. When I used that mascara it looked like I actually had some almost to point where I looked like I had falsies on. I loved the formula. It didn’t flake or clump , but have me volume and length. When I went to repurchase it I could not find it!! I tweeted the brand and they tweeted back saying they discontinued it. My heart my broken. Finally I tried the CoverGirl lashblast and I was amazed! It was so close to being just like that mascara! As I used it more and more I fell in love with it! This mascara gave me volume and length it doesn’t clump or flake but still easy to take off. I like this brush too it’s just nice and simple! I reached for this every time I did my makeup! I just recently started trying out a new mascara! I can now put this one my Holy Grail product list! This is definitely Pretty Dime approved!!

*Disclaimer this post contains affiliate/referral links*


*Disclaimer this post contains affiliate links if you chose to buy something through my link I may earn a small fee at no cost to you and keeps this blog running! Thank you for your support!*

Hey ya’ll! I can’t believe Summer is over! I will say I love Fall and can’t wait bring on the boot and candy corn ! So in honor of this great season today’s post is all about my summer faves!

This season I had more skincare and hair care than last season! I have been trying out some more skincare products. I love been loving the Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner! It’s a toner and exfoliator all in one and I gotta say I love multipurpose products. My skin looks a little bit glowy I love this toner for the Summer time because my skins not as dry. In my Spring FabFitFun box I got the Dr. Brandt Microdermabasion Exfoliator and finally decided to crack it open! I had never tried a scrub like this before after I use it my skin looks great especially when my skin is very dry! It gets it all off and I have a clean , smooth canvas to do my makeup! I have a feeling I’m going to use this all fall and winter!! Now when I get home late on Saturday nights I hate fooling around with taking off my makeup ugh the struggle! When I get home use the Simple Micellar Water on a cotton round and wipe off my makeup. This takes off a lot of my makeup and a huge bonus is its for sensitive skin! My skin hasn’t been acting up as much in the summer so I haven’t had to cover myself in a thick lotion! Remember when I said I love multipurpose products? Well ladies .. and gentlemen I introduce you to the Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer! This in shower moisturizer has been my bestfriend during the summer! It keeps my skin hydrated through out the day an sinks in pretty quickly. Now lets get into the hair care! First product I’ll get out of the way because I have talked about it before and reviewed it. You all know I LOVE the Batiste Dry Shampoo when I first started my blog that was my first review! I threw this one in here because of the smell! Plus I still can’t find a dry shampoo that is as good as this one! I got this Briogeo Leave-in Conditioner in my FabFitFun box for spring. I spray this in my ends after I get out of the shower to help detangle my hair a little bit. I love how good it smells. My hair is so soft and healthy looking after I use this! I have been using this Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves spray all summer! I don’t find it to weigh my hair down or leave it crunchy. Yay now onto the makeup I have been loving all summer! For eye primer I have been using the Milani Eyeshadow Primer it dose a good job of holding and making my shadows last! A little goes a long way. Recently I tried a new mascara and put my beloved CoverGirl lashBlast aside (review coming soon) and tried the L’oreal Voluminous mascara!! Oh boy do I love it!! I have not been able to put in down! Definitely look for a review on that! I featured the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in last seasons faves.Yep you know whats coming next the good ol Butter Blush! Another thing I couldn’t put down! I did a review on this as well. I need to get another shade! I also have fallen in love with the Mary-Lou Manizer from the  Manizer Sisters palette. This hightlight is perfect ( insert heart emojji here) I love it! I need to get a full size one! Now I saved the best for last! I am in love with this palette now I haven’t tried all of the shades in the Tarteist Pro! I promise you I am certainly working on it! They are so pigmented and blend like a dream! I’m not going to go on a rant because I am doing a full review on this! You will probably see this in my fall faves! I will say so far it has been worth every penny! Well you guys that’s all I have for my spring favorites for 2017! Who’s ready for fall!?!?!? I know I am!! What was your summer favorites?

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See you next week!!! Thanks for reading!