Pond’s Facial Moisturizer

Hey y’all so this is the review for the Pond’s Dry Skin Cream. First off if you have flaky dry skin keep reading! I have a love -hate relationship with this stuff ..why I love it, because it dose a great job at moisturizing my skin and lasts all day! Why I hate it , because it takes forever to sink into my skin and then when it dose it makes my skin look oily. I only wear this when I’m at home an not going anywhere or when I go to bed after I’ve washed my face and need that hydration back. I wish it was in a pump instead of a jar because it would be sanitary. A little goes a long way (thick cream) all in all I like this an the only moisturizer that keeps my flaky skin at bay! Do not wear this under makeup though ,it will make your face into a slip n slide lol.

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