Hey y’ll so lets just start off the packaging ah it’s so cute! Sadly that’s the only thing I like about the Hydrate & Repair ogx shampoo & conditioner . When I bought this my friend said not to put a lot of shampoo because it will make your scalp oily! She was right! I already have super oily roots and that was the last thing I needed also it didn’t hydrate my hair it came out even more dry…because it was sulfate free! For some reason my hair doesn’t handle sulfate free products. I know its better for your hair but mine is very tangle prone (thick/wavy/curly) the bottom is dry and the top is oily ..ugh . The shampoo didn’t even seem to clean my hair at all when I got out of the shower it still was dirty . This may work for different hair types ,this just didn’t work for me.

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