Let me just say first off I love the smell the Garnier Balancing Daily Exfoliator of this if your sensitive to smells you may want to avoid this one. I like how this gently exfoliates my skin without being too rough because I do have sensitive skin. It also softens the dry patches I have, I do a lot of skin prepping be I apply my foundation and I need my skin smooth as possible if you have very dry skin you know what I mean! I use a brush with any face wash just so I can get a bit more exfoliation I just have a cheap one from Fover21 like this one   I will eventually invest in a good quality brush. I don’t use this every day because I do not believe scrubbing your skin every day is not good for it I use it every other day I use a moisturizing face wash Like the Simple face wash  ( read post) in between. This has a gel consistency and I find it helps keep my T-zone breakout free of course sometimes other factors come into play. Sadly I believe this was discontinued but I did find it on Amazon which is a bit pricier.

Have you tried this before?

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