Hey yall! Elf is one of my favorite makeup brands I have quite a few products including these makeup remover wipes . I have heard how amazing these were so I picked some up a few weeks ago and I am glad I did.Frist off I really like the packaging it’s a snap lid so they don’t dry out thank you Elf! They work wonders they do not leave my skin oily and removes a lot of my makeup.You get 20 wipes for only $3 which is a steal! Now depending on how much makeup you have one you may need 2 wipes you can find them pretty much anywhere now some places may be a bit more.I haven’t tried them with waterproof makeup when I do I’ll update you!All in all they are Pretty on a Dime approved! *Disclaimer this post contains affiliate/referral links*

Places to find them: Walmart, Target,ELF,most drugstores

*( Cruelty & Vegan See info here)