I have been a Elf fan for awhile. I got this highlighter awhile back an I haven’t used it but once because the first time I used it I was not impressed. I had a hard time getting anything on the brush well the one day I was watching a YouTube video (forget who I was watching) an they said scrape of the top layer so the past weekend I pulled it out and scraped it off. Wow!. I was amazed how much that made a difference it was so pretty! It applied like a dream I was turning my head back an forth watching it catch the light , I can not be the only one that dose that lol. It lasted it all night the glitter wasn’t chunky it’s pretty fine but when you scrape off the top it dose get kind of messy but it wasn’t hard to get off when it washed my hands( randomly stayed the night at a friends house). For the price I can deal with it. If you don’t like a lot of shimmer you may want to pass. It’s definitely Pretty on a Dime approved!
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