Hey y’all today is the long awaited review of the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer! I have talked a bit about it in other blog posts. I haven’t done a review on it until today. I know this has been out for a long time and I picked it up awhile ago. First let’s talk about of course the packaging I know such a big shocker right?! Hahah but really it’s so pretty and summery . Also it isn’t to bulky as others an can through it in my travel bag .It smells amazing basically a summer vacation in a bronzer! I have a light skin tone and I am not very good at applying bronzer. I have the light color , I feel like I don’t have to be as careful as if I were using a darker one. Besides the packaging and smell of the bronzer it blends like a dream! I reach for it every time I do my makeup. Now Physicians Formula is a bit pricey for drugstore but you can pretty much find them on sale anywhere. It has a nice sheen to it I’ll say it kicks up a small bit of powder but nothing you can’t deal with just a tap of your brush and you be good to go! Oh one thing I forgot to mention earlier in this post was that if you do not like strong smells stay away! It comes with a sponge like brush in the bottom to. I’m not a fan of it but just to let you know it dose come with one. I hope you enjoyed this review and sorry it so long to get this review up! I picked up the new Butter Blush I’m still trying it out but look out for a future review on that! Have you tried the Butter Bronzer do you like it? Let us know!


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