Hey y’all I hope you have a good weekend! Today I thought I would share my (small) blush collection and some mini reviews. As I have mentioned before I am tight on space so I’m constantly decluttering stuff. I’m still on the hunt for my vanity then will be able to collect more stuff haha I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not! Anyway on to the good stuff! | Wetnwild Coloricon $3| This blush has a decent color payoff. It’s easy to blend. It doesn’t last as long as other but for the price I can’t beat it. Also Wetnwild is cruelty free which makes it even better! The color I have is in pearlescent. | CoverGirl Cheekers $4 | This one gives a nice light pink color the the cheeks. You can build it up. It blends nicely and last an okay amount of time. A great quick throw on lazy blush. The shade is in classic pink.
| NYC Cheek Glow $3 | I was disappointed by this one. I have a hard time picking up color on my brush. It didn’t last very long like within 2 hours it didn’t look like I put blush on! When I blended it the color kind of just disappeared. I’m not sure if maybe I needed a darker color or it wasn’t that good.  The shade is prospect park rose.
| Physicians Formula Butter Blush $13 | OMG! I love the smell an the packaging! I love that is smaller than the butter bronzer which is great for travel. It’s so soft and buttery. This pigmentation is great! Easy to blend out and but be careful it dose kick up powder because it’s soft. It lasts a long time too! The shade is vintage rouge.
| Physicians Formula Magic Mosaic $13 |I did a review on this already so I won’t go to much into this one. Basically I didn’t really like it. The color didn’t pick up at all it was too light for me. When I blended out again it disappeared. Maybe if you have a darker skin tone it might work. | Pacifica Sample $12 (full size) | I got this Sample in a Ipsy bag a while back. It has a decent pigmentation. I did have to build it up a bit. I haven’t used this in awhile I forgot I even had it. So I’ll have to use it next time and update you guys on the how long wearing it is. One good thing for sure is that this brand is vegan and cruelty free! So if you are looking for a brand like that try them out I haven’t tried their products before. I will have to try more out. The shade is wild rose. | City Color sample $4ea (full size) | Again I got this trio in a Ipsy bag . I thought these were so pretty. Now I’m a bit scared to use a purple blush lol. They have a good pigmentation. They can be built up too. They last an okay amount of time. I love how thin it is and great for travel! Also they are cruelty free! The shads are fresh melon, blackberry and guava. I was look for the blush to link for y’all and I found you can buy this trio here. | Clinique Chubby Stick $23 | My aunt gave this to me it was my first highend makeup product I have ever had. I love the color. It’s a cream blush and it goes on nicely. It’s easy to blend. I recommend useing a light hand or use the back of your hand and use a beauty blender to apply it. I only say this because it’s pigmented. It last a long time great for those hot summer nights. The shade is robust.
| The Balm Beach $21 | This one is new to me I’ve played around with it a couple of times and so far I like it. I plan to do a full review on it soon. I got it from Hautelook which was included in my haul.
So there is it my blush collection + Some mini reviews. Have you tried any of these blushes? If so let us know what you thought of them! See you next Wednesday for another post!
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  1. July 15, 2017 / 09:23

    I didn’t used to like blush, but i am getting more into it, looks like you have a nice collection going on there 🙂
    I am still experimenting on whereabouts on my face it looks better for me, but I like building up my collection .

    • Mary
      July 15, 2017 / 20:08

      Same here! Im still learning! haha What is your favorite blush right now?

  2. July 21, 2017 / 13:00

    I am always on the hunt for a good blush! I have so many too. But you’re stronger than me, I don’t think I could get rid of them lol. I will have to give some of these a try. I really try to only buy cruelty-free makeup so I’m looking at the wetnwild and Pacifica. I’m pretty sure Physicians Formula is also cruelty-free. So thanks for the reviews! Happy vanity hunting!

    • Mary
      July 21, 2017 / 14:23

      Haha I always try to take something out then bring something in! Its a great way to keep the amount down! Plus I don’t have the room hahaha!

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