Hey y’all! First off let me ask you are you a subscription box lover? Do you get subscription boxes? I have been subscribed to a few boxes over the past few years. I haven’t tried all of the subscriptions out there but I thought I would do a breakdown of the ones I’ve tried!
First off we have…
Ipsy is a monthly makeup bag that includes 5 samples that sometimes includes full sized items. You can get makeup, hair , skin , nails and sometimes beauty tools like brushes. When signing up you take a quiz that helps to customize your bag. Which I love! Plus you get a makeup bag. Each month has a theme which also makes it fun! Some things to keep in mind are you can get repeat brands. I have been off and on with Ipsy because of this. There is no info card telling you where you can find these products which makes it hard to find them if you do like them. You can review the products to earn points towards extra items the following month. It dose take time to rack up points. This was my first subscription “box” I signed up for because its budget friendly! $10 + free shipping.
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A life style box. This is the most expensive subscription box I have tried. This box comes 4x a year and it’s themed around the season. You get a mix of beauty, fitness, jewelry and accessories. They are all full sized items and the box is valued over $200! So you definitely get a bang for your buck! I love the boxe its self they are really cute! You know me I’m all for cute packaging lol! The only reason I don’t get this is it wasn’t in my budget at the moment. If you do have the room in your budget I would highly recommend this one. I also loved how it only came seasonally because it gave me a chance to fully try them out! $49.99 + free shipping.
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Walmart Beauty Box
I love this box! First off it’s one of the cheapest box you can get! It comes 4x a year. You get quite a few items most of the time you get travel sized products. Sometimes the samples are really small but most of the time they are travel size. You get a array of things like makeup, hair, body, and more. The one downside is some items can be a repeat items like deodorant. Another downside is if you get a shampoo you may not get the conditioner to go with it. One thing that I love is you can find the stuff at Walmart even though there is no info card. They also try to theme the box around the season too. I have been subscribed to this box for about 2 years. I haven’t done many reviews on this one because I was getting so many at one time and it was hard to keep up and post them. That’s why I started to do just unboxings and not reviews. If you are a subscription box beginner this perfect for you or on a tight budget! $5 + free shipping.
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So there you have it my list of subscription boxes that I have tried. I definitely want to try more! Do you get any subscriptions? If so which ones and what are your faves? Don’t forget to check out my unboxings. See you next Wednesday!  Xo