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Hey y’all! I hope your having a great day! Today I wanted to share with you my fave body wash I have been loving! I have been a huge fan of Olay body washes for a very long time! Ever since I moved from Florida to West Virginia (3 years ago) my skin has been crazy! About halfway through the first year my arms and legs have itched so bad! The itching got so bad I hated taking showers because after I got out my skin would go into over drive! Now it has calmed down a little bit after being here for 3 years sometimes it’ll flare up bad. I do have sensitive skin and can’t really use scented shower products because it makes the itching worse. Olay body washes have been my savor it doesn’t irritate my skin. Also even though it’s scented it dose not bother my skin and that makes me really happy!! I have used the  yellow one for forever. A couple of months ago I decided to try the Outlast line I love the orchid & black currant one. It smells so good and leaves my skin soft! I can not wait to try more from this line!! Do you use Olay body wash? What are your faves!?

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