Q&A 2017

Hey everyone I hope everyone had a great weekend! For this weeks post I thought I would do a Q&A! I asked you guys to ask any questions you wanted! Ya’ll had great questions! Before we get in to it I want to tell you something. I started a GoFundMe  page where you can donate for the Hurricane Harvey victims If you live in the United States then you probably heard about hurricane Harley! Down in Houston, Texas Harley hit a few days ago causing major flooding. People have lost their homes and are still continuing to fight the rising waters. I have been in a hurricane before during Charley I was staying in a hotel room (long story)in Daytona Beach FL  during the storm. I saw everything get torn apart so I know how damaging they can be . I ask that if your able to please donate $1 a month and the first 2 months of donations will go to the Harley victims. Yes 100% of the donations will go to the Texas victims and I will have proof when the time comes to donate! So please sign up for my  GoFundMe page and help our country! Thank you so much!

Now on to the Q&A!

Q: What’s your favorite mascara and/or fake lashes?

A: Well I have never tried false lashes yet so I’m not sure lol I love the CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume!! It is amazing!

Q: Have you ever tried a eyelash primer?

A: I have a L’oreal one but I haven’t tied it yet! I’ll let y’all know how it goes!

Q: What is your favorite eyeshadows in the Tarteist Pro palette?

A: Wow that’s a hard one! I haven’t played around with all of the colors yet but so far I really love it!

Q: Is Elf a good brand?

A: OMG YES! I love Elf they have so many good products and the are stepping up their game! They can have some misses but most of their stuff is great!

Q: Do you love the Tarteist Pro palette? How would you rate it overall?

A: I havent tried all of the shades yet but so far I have been really loving it! It has been my dream palette since it came out! I plan to do a review on it!

Q: What’s the best brand to use for white head removal?

A: I am still looking myself! I’ll get back to you on that!

Q: What can I do to prevent nail polish from chipping?

A: Girl your asking the wrong person! Hahaha! I do a lot of yard work so I am not too sure! If I find answer you will be the first to know! lol

Q: What is your favorite quote that made a big impact in your life?

A: Great question! I haven’t found one that made an impact on my life but I have always loved this one ” Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away” That one has been my favorite forever and almost got it as a tattoo lol

Q: Do you really think drugstore brands hold up to fancy retail ones?

A: This a hard one because I just got into highend makeup this year. I’ve only tried a few products but I think there are amazing drugstore products out there!

Q: Which is your favorite bronzer?

A: Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer by far hands down! Checkout my review to read more!

Q: What’s your favorite drugstore mascara?

A: I love the CoverGirl LashBlast by far! Its my most reached for at the moment!

Thank you for all of the amazing questions! They were all great! I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope I answered all of your questions! Do like theses types of post let me know! Please don’t forget to visit my GoFundMe page to help raise money for Texas!! If we can reach $400 I will do a giveaway!!!!

Products mentioned: CoverGirl Mascara , L’oreal Lash primer, Tarteist Pro , Butter Bronzer  

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