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12 Days of Pretty day #12

Hey y’all! Today is the last day of 12 Days of Pretty! Before we get into today’s post I want to take a moment to say thank you for sticking around for this little series I hope you enjoyed all 12 posts! I am thinking about doing this next year! I also want thank everyone for a great first year! Everyone has been so amazing and supportive I try to put out the best content as I can for y’all! I know my post aren’t always the most amazing and I truly hope everyone enjoys my content. I help take care my dad so I am not able to post more but I know everyone probably understands. Hopefully next year I will be able to! Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for everything you guys do it all means so much to me! Since its the holiday season I want take some time to spend with my family so I will be back in January! Now that we got that out of the way lol let’s celebrate the day with cozy night!

Now that we have hung the Christmas lights , put up the tree  and finished Christmas shopping. It is time to pamper our self’s for all of the hard work and relax! This post is all about how to have relaxing cozy night!

Step 1

Pamper your skin! Take of your makeup ( if your wearing makeup) off after you do that throw on a face mask! I have been loving the Karuna Hydrating ones. Next put on your night serum I’ve been using the Skin Laundry Restoring Night Serum.

Step 2

Your nails need some love too! Now you can do this step while your face mask is doing its thing! The first thing I do is any kind of treatment like clipping , filing or whatever my nails need. I also put on a cuticle oil like the Sally Hansen one! Then paint your nails whatever color your heart desires I don’t paint my nails to often so I don’t own a red polish. If you don’t want to do red paint them white and use some accent nails! One of my favorite topcoats is the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri it dries my nails so fast and helps protect the color!

Step 3

Now that you have done your skincare routine and glamed up your nails. It’s time to start getting cozy!! Fist light your favorite candle now if your like me an your scare of burning the house. I have the solution …firefly lights! They are your best friend! They still give you glow without the worry. I have a candle that I got in a Fabfitfun box and it smells good! I use it in pictures a lot I’m sure y’all have seen it tons! Anyway back on track!

Step 4 

Make yourself a big cup of hot chocolate or a glass of wine we don’t judge here! I love to put whipped cream on mine! I also throw in a candy cane! Now that we have you have your drink of choice it’s time for some treats! A classic is popcorn of course! You can also scroll through Pinterest ( follow me!) for some yummy treats like this candy cane chex mix and these yummy Oreo’s.  There’s always the good ol cookies!

Step 5

Now that you have done everything above it’s time for the last step! Grab a cozy blanket grab your drink and snack of choice! Throw on some Netflix an turn on your favorite Christmas movie or two! You can even binge watch a TV show! That’s it! You are already for a cozy night! Snuggle up in bed or on the couch and enjoy your night! You deserve it!

I hope everyone has a happy Holiday Season and happy New Years!! See you in January!!

xx – Mary

Day #11


Happy Holidays and Happy New Years!!


  1. December 29, 2017 / 00:43

    Such great tips for a cozy night! I’m allll about the face masks lately- the sheet mask ones make me laugh every time 😉

  2. December 29, 2017 / 00:56

    Love this post. I am all about cozy nights!

  3. December 29, 2017 / 15:10

    Great tips. I am a home body and love me some cozy nights.


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