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Good morning everyone! I was going through my entire skincare bin the other day. As I was I realized that I have a lot of it! Some things needed to be tossed or passed on but before I do I thought I would share my collection! I know it may not be a lot compared to tons of other people but for me it is! Some things I just got and some thing I have had. All in all I’m trying simplify my skincare routine. So grab some coffee or tea and snacks!

These Neutrogena makeup wipes are one of my holy grail wipes! They get everything off! I have bought them over and over again! I use this UP&UP (Target brand) moisturizer a lot under makeup because it’s light. Also it gives just enough moisture where it’s not heavy. Ya’ll already know I love the Simple Face Wash! This is my go face wash mostly in the winter because I have very dry skin! It hydrates my skin and it’s made for sensitive skin see my full review here. I’m not a big fan of the Freeman Peel Off Mask I feel like it doesn’t do anything and it’s a pain to get off! Not worth the work but pretty affordable. If your looking for a super affordable face wash that works pretty well then check out the Elf Face Wash! It leaves my face feeling clean and can we talk about the packaging see my review here. I had this sample of Andalou face moisturizer in a Target Beauty box awhile back and I love it! For one it smells great because it has rose ingredients in it. I don’t find the smell is over powering and it’s light weight! I wear it under makeup a lot. I may have to buy a full size!! If you have seen my recent haul you would know that I picked up these Biore`Pore Strips. They work okay I haven’t seen a huge difference but they do alright removing my blackheads I’m still testing them out. They only gripe I have is they are pricey for the amount you get. I have been loving this Dr. Brandt Exfoliator that I got in a Fabfitfun box. When I have a lot of dry patches I breakout this bad boy and it gets the job done! Now a warning it is super expensive I recommend waiting till you have a gift card or put it on your wishlist for Christmas. It dose make my skin nice and smooth! For lazy late nights when I get home I love using the Simple Micellar Water to get off my makeup. I soak a cotton round and wipe off my face hahaha! It really help with eye makeup too! Also your kinda cleaning your face too! I also really like these Elf makeup wipes which I did a review on. I have been liking this Pixi Toner. I like multipurpose products for when I want to shorten my skincare routine . This one gives leaves my skin a little bit glowy.  I use this Pond’s moisturizer at night because it’s thicker and takes longer to sink in. It dose not help with my fine lines though. I picked up the Mario Badescu Facial Spray and drying lotion. Both of these are new to me so I’m still trying this out. The spray feels refreshing and gives me that quick hydration. I haven’t used it to set my makeup yet. I have tried the lotion and haven’t seen much results but I am still testing it out. Another great exfoliater is the Gariner one. This is a good to one because well for one it smells good two it also helps get rid of dry flakes! I did a review on this one as well. I have been try this Elf Melt Cleanser out and so fair I’m really impressed it helps melt my makeup off too! I have been trying to expand my skincare and get betting about taking care of my skin. So I pulled out this Skin Laundry Serum that I received in a subscription box. Now I’m not sure if I really dose anything but I guess time will tell! Hahaha! I do use this as a extra  layer of moisture. This O.G.R Mineral Peel has become a holy grail of mine! It’s literally magic in a bottle!! You spray it all over your face then massage the product and the dead skin comes off! I don’t use this Gariner face wash that much because I don’t suffer from oily skin as much as I do dryness. I’ll use it more in the summer time. I found it dose help oil in my T zone. This brush  (similar) is great it’s so cheap and travel friendly!

Well ya’ll that’s my skincare collection and mini reviews! I hope you enjoyed it! Do you use any of these products? What are your go to products?


*Disclaimer this post contains affiliate links if you chose to buy something through my link I may earn a small fee at no cost to you and keeps this blog running! Thank you for your support!*

Hey y’all! Back to school season is coming up so I thought I would do post of my favorite products! These are perfect for anyone that has a budget. I’m not in school anymore but I understand getting up early in the morning sucks! That’s why picks are great if you need something easy! If you already started school I hope you all had good first day back!

L’OREAL Pro Glow Foundation 

The reason I picked this is because it’s lightweight so your not uncomfortable. You can also build it up if you need some extra coverage. This blends good which is a must if your in a rush ( hitting snooze). I like this foundation if you want a little bit of glow this is good. It lasts a decent amount of time too.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer 

I love this bronzer because it applies and blends like a dream! It smells like a tropical vacation! It goes on .. like butter! It lasts a long time! Also it is matte which is what I prefer. Now this brand is a bit pricey but you can always find coupons or BOGO deals! See my full review here 

Physicians Formula Butter Blush

Yes I picked this brand again. Just like the Butter Bronzer it is easy to applies and blends great! It has the same smell as the bronzer too.They have a few shades to choose from. I love that it’s pigmented just make sure to tap off your brush. See my full review here.  

Elf Baked Highlighter 

This one is great if your really on a budget! When I first got it I couldn’t get anything on my brush then I scraped off the top. It has worked every since! I love how it looks in the sun. It is easy to blend and doesn’t look chunky either. See my full review here.

CoverGirl LashBlash Volume Mascara 

I really love this mascara it gives me volume! I have never had it flake or clump on me. I use this one so much! I love the look it gives. I highly recommend this one!

Maybelline BabyLips Color Balm Crayon 

Again another must have for me! I don’t really wear too much lip product but I really like this it gives a nice color to your lips. A great on the go product the one down side is you will have to reapply it a lot. If you do not want to go all out with your makeup this is a great way to have a light makeup look.

L’OREAL Infallible Setting Spray 

With long early days you don’t want all of that hard work to go to waste! This setting spray is great! It helps hold your makeup in place all day! The smell is strong but goes away after a couple of minutes. It is a bit on the pricer side but I do like it for longer days. See my full review here.

So there you go there is my picks for back to school 2017! I hope y’all have a wonderful year!

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** Disclaimer this post contains referral/affiliate links**


*Disclaimer this post contains affiliate links if you chose to buy something through my link I may earn a small fee at no cost to you and keeps this blog running! Thank you for your support!*

Hey y’all! I hope your having a great day! Today I wanted to share with you my fave body wash I have been loving! I have been a huge fan of Olay body washes for a very long time! Ever since I moved from Florida to West Virginia (3 years ago) my skin has been crazy! About halfway through the first year my arms and legs have itched so bad! The itching got so bad I hated taking showers because after I got out my skin would go into over drive! Now it has calmed down a little bit after being here for 3 years sometimes it’ll flare up bad. I do have sensitive skin and can’t really use scented shower products because it makes the itching worse. Olay body washes have been my savor it doesn’t irritate my skin. Also even though it’s scented it dose not bother my skin and that makes me really happy!! I have used the  yellow one for forever. A couple of months ago I decided to try the Outlast line I love the orchid & black currant one. It smells so good and leaves my skin soft! I can not wait to try more from this line!! Do you use Olay body wash? What are your faves!?

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Hey y’all I hope you have a good weekend! Today I thought I would share my (small) blush collection and some mini reviews. As I have mentioned before I am tight on space so I’m constantly decluttering stuff. I’m still on the hunt for my vanity then will be able to collect more stuff haha I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not! Anyway on to the good stuff! | Wetnwild Coloricon $3| This blush has a decent color payoff. It’s easy to blend. It doesn’t last as long as other but for the price I can’t beat it. Also Wetnwild is cruelty free which makes it even better! The color I have is in pearlescent. | CoverGirl Cheekers $4 | This one gives a nice light pink color the the cheeks. You can build it up. It blends nicely and last an okay amount of time. A great quick throw on lazy blush. The shade is in classic pink.
| NYC Cheek Glow $3 | I was disappointed by this one. I have a hard time picking up color on my brush. It didn’t last very long like within 2 hours it didn’t look like I put blush on! When I blended it the color kind of just disappeared. I’m not sure if maybe I needed a darker color or it wasn’t that good.  The shade is prospect park rose.
| Physicians Formula Butter Blush $13 | OMG! I love the smell an the packaging! I love that is smaller than the butter bronzer which is great for travel. It’s so soft and buttery. This pigmentation is great! Easy to blend out and but be careful it dose kick up powder because it’s soft. It lasts a long time too! The shade is vintage rouge.
| Physicians Formula Magic Mosaic $13 |I did a review on this already so I won’t go to much into this one. Basically I didn’t really like it. The color didn’t pick up at all it was too light for me. When I blended out again it disappeared. Maybe if you have a darker skin tone it might work. | Pacifica Sample $12 (full size) | I got this Sample in a Ipsy bag a while back. It has a decent pigmentation. I did have to build it up a bit. I haven’t used this in awhile I forgot I even had it. So I’ll have to use it next time and update you guys on the how long wearing it is. One good thing for sure is that this brand is vegan and cruelty free! So if you are looking for a brand like that try them out I haven’t tried their products before. I will have to try more out. The shade is wild rose. | City Color sample $4ea (full size) | Again I got this trio in a Ipsy bag . I thought these were so pretty. Now I’m a bit scared to use a purple blush lol. They have a good pigmentation. They can be built up too. They last an okay amount of time. I love how thin it is and great for travel! Also they are cruelty free! The shads are fresh melon, blackberry and guava. I was look for the blush to link for y’all and I found you can buy this trio here. | Clinique Chubby Stick $23 | My aunt gave this to me it was my first highend makeup product I have ever had. I love the color. It’s a cream blush and it goes on nicely. It’s easy to blend. I recommend useing a light hand or use the back of your hand and use a beauty blender to apply it. I only say this because it’s pigmented. It last a long time great for those hot summer nights. The shade is robust.
| The Balm Beach $21 | This one is new to me I’ve played around with it a couple of times and so far I like it. I plan to do a full review on it soon. I got it from Hautelook which was included in my haul.
So there is it my blush collection + Some mini reviews. Have you tried any of these blushes? If so let us know what you thought of them! See you next Wednesday for another post!
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Hey y’all! It’s the first day of Summer! Since Spring is over I thought I would share my favorites from this season. I wanted to do my Winter faves but I didn’t have enough to do a post on. Instead of doing monthly favorites I thought doing seasonal because I don’t always have different products I like or use every month.
I was walking down the body wash aisle and saw this Olay body wash in orchid & black currant. It smells so good. I can not wait to try more from this line. I am always on the hunt for that amazing shampoo and conditioner I have never tried Dove’s hair care products before other than their dry shampoo which I wasn’t a fan of. I tried this Shampoo & Conditioner I felt like they cleaned and moisturized my hair. I liked the conditioner left my hair soft and smelled good. I love the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer .. not just because the smell and packaging I like how it’s not too dark for me ( at least I think haha) and it’s easy to blend. I’m sure you all know this if you saw my pic on Instagram but I love the Maybelline Baby Lips Color Balm Crayon in the shade Blush burst. I won’t go into great detail about it but I plan to pickup more Shades! Since my beloved Rimmel Rockin Curves mascara was discontinued I have had a hard time finding a new love. I found this Cover Girl Lashblast Volume mascara and it has come in a close second. It gives volume and a little bit of length I love how my lashes look with this. I have dark circles and have had them for years now an they are so hard to cover up. I received this City Color Dark Spot Corrector in a Ipsy bag. I use it to cover my dark circles. It covers them up pretty well! Better than most things I’ve tried! I am still using the Elf Primer that I did a review on I want to find a new primer because I don’t need much hydration in the warmer months. I still love it though! If you have any suggestions on new primers let me know! You guys I have fallen in love with a nail polish! I don’t normally wear nail polish because I do yard work and it’s pointless for me. I was going through my collection and found this beauty. This Kokie one i was like hmm eh why not and OMG! I am in love with this color it’s so pretty and almost mesmerizing!! A foundation I’ve been wearing lately is the Elf Flawless foundation. I feel like it gives a nice Build-able coverage it’s not cakey. I love how it gives a kind of dewy look without being over the top. Perfect for summer! My last spring favorite is these Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails gummies that I got in my Fab.Fit.Fun box. I’m not sure if they are really doing anything but they taste so yummy! Yes I put these in this list just for that reason hahaha. I will keep you up dated on how my hair an nails are doing. So there you have it my my 2017 Spring faves! I hope you enjoyed this post and I can’t wait to do my fall faves! What was some of your spring favorites?
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